Preise Dauercamper Liepnitzsee
Campsite Liepnitzsee

Campsite Liepnitzsee


Permanent pitch per year, 01/01-31/12

Pitch Size 90-110 m²1.300,00€

Pitch Size 111-130 m²1.400,00€

Pitch Size 131-150 m²1.500,00€

Pitch Size 151-170 m²1.600,00€

Pitch Size 171-190 m²1.700,00€

Pitch Size 191-220 m²1.900,00€

Double Pitches negotiable

The annual rent includes:

- 2 adults and their children (max. 16 years old)

- 1 Caravan

- 1 Car

Hot Water Shower

Additional costs per year, 01/01-31/12


Children 4 to 14 years45,00€

Dog / Cat28,00€

Caravan / Tent (application requirement)100,00€

Gazebo (application requirement)32,00€



Electricity by Consumtion in kWh0,60€

Key for the Barrier30,00€

Key for the Gate30,00€

Prices for Guests of Permanent Campers

Adult Overnight5,00€

Adult Day Visit3,00€

Children 4 to 14 Years Overnightng3,00€

Children 4 to 14 Years Day Visit1,50€


Dog (regarding house rules)2,00€